ToNS Magazine, A Thinking Board

NOTINEWS • Abril 2016 - pag. 1
Boletín Institucional 113
April 20, 2016
Elecciones 2016-2017
October 5, 2016

ToNS Magazine, A Thinking Board


We came from a dream, and we live for a dream. That is something we cannot deny. And every day we try to do something in order to make this dream real. No matter how long it takes, if it is something you really love. Our students have heard a lot about this here at school, and at home for sure. However, they do not see how their creations could be appreciated by others in order to receive feedback and improve, to show their uniqueness at the end. We teachers, by the other hand, are not sharing all what we do besides our teaching, so we are not becoming inspiring models for our students, regardless all the potential we have to do so.

That is why ToNS Magazine is released, as a way to take all these great ideas and show them up. Projects in the school and outdoors, poems, stories, campaigns, songs and melodies, performances, drawings and more, have here a place to meet and interact with curious people who want to learn from them. This is our first edition, but not the last, because we are sure that all of us have ToNS to give, to show, to share.

ToNS of knowledge, ToNS of creativity, ToNS of joy.


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