The New School has a great sense of ecology and environmental responsibility.

July 16, 2017
Sonido, color y cuerpo
November 1, 2017

The New School has a great sense of ecology and environmental responsibility.


Students are learning not only about what surrounds them, but they are also given the information to understand that they can make a difference on what we have now, and what is still to come. It goes beyond understanding, we want students to be able to act upon their skills and become better human beings through the awareness of the consequences of our behaviors.
As part of the Science area plan, we are leading some projects to make sure that our students are getting closer to this lifestyle. We give them the necessary information to plant that seed in their hearts and minds. However, we still need some help, we can help change the world, but we can´t do it alone.
We want to spread the word around the school. Seventh graders are leading the campaign and setting up the example for the rest. We are dealing with a new generation, one that takes into consideration the fact that we are losing our planet, the place where we live. It is a challenging job, but our responsibility is to show others the way to do it. Using technology as a tool, the students created some videos to share with the entire community what we are doing in our school to help the planet and they did it with a lot of effort.
We invite everyone to be part of this culture by learning about the following projects:

  • Vermiculture: In this case, we have worms to create a new product, the soil, so we can use it in our school gardens.
  • Composting: we are reducing the amount of waste and at the same time, we are developing another product that works perfectly as fertilizer.
  • Plant sowing: we need to teach the students the importance of understanding the life cycle of the living things.
  • Recycling: in this case, the entire world is taking actions and our students should become aware of it.
  • Solar panels and plastic caps, we are learning that we could use sun as a fount of clean energy, with the plastic caps we are reducing the waste we create and at the same time, we could help a foundation.

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